Gravity for the 0h Game Jam


Last night was the 0h Game Jam, since it was daylight savings. I decided to make a very simple physics game, where you place a mass in order to make the little “crates” hit a target. You can play my game on Kongregate.

gravity screenshot


The main idea of the game is that it is a puzzle game build around Newton’s gravity equation. Force = G * Mass1 * Mass2 / Distance^2

Lessons Learned

Most of my time was spent just getting Flash Builder to compile a template project. I should have created an ActionScript project instead of a Flex project.

Once I got going, I think I did the right thing by not worrying much about making it have just the right architecture. Instead, I created one FlxState and did all the game logic there. For a simple game like this, there wasn’t much need to to make things object-oriented.


I hope to make more levels and add obstacles to make this more of a puzzle game. Also, I’d very much like to port this to mobile devices.