0h Game Jam: Jumpr in Elm


I participated in the zero hour game jam this early morning time change. It was a lot of fun. The zero hour game jam is a goofy idea that you can use the "extra" hour we get at 2 AM the night of the fall daylight savings switch to make a game. As you can imagine, it generates a lot of goofy little games. It's been super fun the years I've participated.

I used it as an excuse to learn Elm. I think it has gotten easier since last time I tried, mostly because of the Signals package documentation, I think. I vaguely remember having to do tilde symbols before.

a brown cliff next to a flag pole with a green triangular flag
Screenshot of the wonderful graphics. They were pretty basic, but fine for doing it in 0 hours!

Now I'm really sleepy, but glad I did it!