Steam Train Pixel Art


I've had quite a few train rides this past month. One thing I really love about trains is that there isn't as much stop and go. This makes it much easier to draw while I travel. Alexandra and I visited Engine 374 in the Yaletown Roundhouse in Vancouver, B.C., and this inspired me to draw a train during our train rides.

A pixel art rendering of the Russian steam locomotive U-127.

I'm fascinated by old steam trains. The I especially enjoyed looking at the Russian steam locomotive U-127 while browsing for reference photos on Wikipedia. It is the trainiest of all the trains that looked at. The engine is distinct, and its exaggerated features made the U-127 perfect for a pixel art rendition.

It was a lot of fun to draw. I also really enjoyed testing out the new animation features in Pixaki 3.0 on my iPad. It's really nice to be able to draw and then animate all in my favorite pixel art app.