Stress-Reducing Splines


My interest in generative art and art bots brought my attention to works by Anders Hoff. I love that he explains how he made many of his works, including linetrace. It was computer-generated, but inspired by the hand-drawn works by John Franzen. I have found it quite relaxing to draw something similar by hand during breaks at work. It's quite the stress-reducer.

Parallel lines drawn by hand on my iPad.

It's funny how much my steadiness varies, even within a single day. I think I get quite a bit more jittery when stressed. Maybe this is a good way to keep track of my current state?

Also, it feels weird to make something by hand that Anders Hoff did so well with a computer, especially since I'm a programmer. I could definitely be more "productive" (produce more, maybe even better, pictures) were I to also write a program like he did, but I really like the idea of doing things by hand. It isn't quite as relaxing to run or write a computer program as it is to carefully trace a line.