My Entry to Chickenstreet


I learned about the pixel artist Sascha Naderer's #Chickenstreet project last year. Immediately I knew I wanted to make an entry.

a bowling alley and a pipe organ, drawn in isometric pixel art
My entry to #Chickenstreet.

Since the idea behind the Chickenstreet project is that we are filling out the basement floors to Mr. Wong's Soup'Partments, I wanted my art to show what I would most want in a dream basement: a bowling alley and pipe organ.

The trouble with my dream was I had never drawn isometric pixel art before. I practiced with some smaller scenes over the course of 9 months to improve my skills.

isometric pixel art ranch cowbow scene
An isometric PICO-8 cowboy game mockup.
isometric, shiny pixel art cubes
Practice artwork based on Saint 11's shiny tutorial. Posted on Twitter.

After a few months of practice, I started working on scenes that I knew I wanted to include in the final #Chickenstreet submission.

isometric pixel art bowling alley
A bowling alley: a requirement for the dream basement. Posted on Twitter, also as a card in Who Goes First.
isometric pixel art pipe organ
No underground lair is complete without a pipe organ. Posted on Twitter, also on Mastodon.

After completing both of these, it took me about a month to assemble into the final piece. Total time wasn't nearly as much, since I'm working full time and only worked on this on average 15 minutes a day. Still, this was the largest pixel art project I have ever done. I'm super happy with the result, but know that I have a lot still to learn in making pixel art and isometric art.