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10 Virtual Date Ideas for 2020

This has been a unique year to start dating again. With a global pandemic in full swing, it's important to stay home and socially distance. Despite the challenges of the current situation, I've found a few creative date ideas that have made virtual dating more fun.


Choose a video chat app that you both are comfortable using. Google Duo and Google Meet have been my go-tos, but I've also used Apple Facetime and Signal. For the best lighting and angle, I've found a ring light with a phone holder to be super useful. If you can't get a ring light, make sure whatever light source you have is in front of you rather than behind you.

Some nights you might not be feeling up to a video call. Many of these ideas work pretty well on a phone call, too.

Ask open-ended questions 🕵️

#1 - 400 first-date questions

Ask each other random questions from this list of 400+ first date questions. Feel free to veto any question you're not comfortable answering. I like being truly random and using a tool like random.org to help pick from the list.

#2 - 36 questions

Try out the 36 questions for increasing closeness exercise together. If you follow the suggested time limits, you won't make it through all of 36 of them, but that means you'll have more to talk about the next time.

#3 - Gottman card decks app

Ask each other questions from the "open-ended" or "date-night" decks in the Gottman card decks app for Android or iPhone. Some of these aren't relevant if you're starting to get to know each other, but a lot are.

Eat and drink 🧑‍🍳

#4 - Ice cream date

Buy your favorite ice cream at the grocery. Scoop yourself a bowl of it and video chat with each other. Get the conversation started by talking about which ice cream you're eating and why you like it.

#5 - Cook dinner together

Put your phone or computer on your fridge or counter. Pour yourself a drink and chat while you each make dinner.

#6 - Virtual pub crawl

Buy some cocktail ingredients and watch a time travel pub crawl on one device while you video chat on another device. Have fun making drinks and talking about the skits and historical photos with each other.

Play 🎲

#7 - Play a board game

Play some 2-player games together on Board Game Arena. You don't need the pro version to play most games, but I think it's worth it for the full catalog. Some of my favorites for 2 players are Kingdomino, Takenoko (cute pandas!), and Sushi Go! (cute sushi!).

Board games are also great for a double-date. Some of my closest friends don't live in the same city as me, so this is a perfect way for everyone meet each other.

#8 - Play a video game

Lots of video games can be played cooperatively online now. One of my favorites for date night is Stardew Valley. It's a relaxed game, so it leaves lots of time to chat. I especially like going to the beach and fishing together.

Video games can also work really well for double or triple dates. I quite enjoy Drawful 2 and the Jackbox party pack games for this, as they are really social. With Google Meet, use the option to present your whole screen with the game and everyone else can follow along.

Watch 📽️

#9 - Virtually go to the movies

Watch a movie together. To keep the video in sync, you can use the Netflix Party browser extension or give yourselves a 3-2-1 countdown and press play at the same time.

#10 - Watch the same livestream concert

Watch a livestream concert of one of your favorite musicians. I've been watching Dan Mangan on Side Door with a friend for just about every one of his shows so far.


Meeting in person adds a whole new dimension (literally) to dates, but it's still possible to have fun and get to know someone over video. There are a lot of benefits to virtual dates. You'll save time and money, and you'll have opportunities to go on fun dates that you otherwise might not do in person. I love that I get to go on cooking dates without the pressure associated with being in someone else's apartment.

Hopefully this helps you feel a little more comfortable to virtually get out there and meet people. Stay safe!